About Us

At WAFERs, we are dedicated to addressing public health challenges in low-and middle-income countries through innovative health research. Our multidisciplinary approach encompasses clinical studies, epidemiological investigations, and health systems research. By leveraging research training, capacity building, and international collaborations, we strive to enhance the health and well being of individuals in underdeveloped economies.


At WAFERs, our approach is centered around conducting high-quality research that addresses health priorities throughout the life-course and has a tangible impact on policy and practice. To achieve this, we adhere to these key principles:

Deep Understanding of Local Context: We demonstrate respect for and gain insight into the local context by carefully considering the socio-economic and cultural determinants of health. This includes identifying local health priorities and comprehending the unique challenges faced by health systems in the settings where we operate.

Global Networking and Knowledge Translation: WAFERs actively collaborates with leading research institutions worldwide, regional networks, and social enterprises. Through these partnerships, we aim to foster global networking and facilitate the translation of scientific evidence into actionable policy and practice. By co-creating sustainable health solutions, we ensure the dissemination of knowledge and its transformation into tangible health and socio-economic benefits for individuals and communities.


Professor Adewale Adebajo

Consultant Physician in Rheumatology, University of Sheffield

Dr Joseph Monehin

Public Health expert and Medical Consultant (Senior Child Health Advisor USAID)

Mr Ademola Ojo

Director, Super soft rolls subsidiary of BMG ventures Nigeria

Dr Opeyemi Babatunde

Physiotherapist, Researcher: Evidence Synthesis and Applied Health Research


Dr Ibidunni Alonge

Research Fellow


Mrs Bolade Adesokan

Research Director

Miss Tolulope Owoyemi

Research Associate


Professor Celia Gregson

Professor of Clinical Epidemiology, Bristol University

Professor Krysia Dziedzic

Director, Impact Accelerator Unit, Keele University

Professor Athula Sumathipala

Hon. Director, Institute for Research and Development, Sri Lanka