Jigsaw Africa

JIGSAW-Africa is a support team that addresses the unmet needs of adult with Osteoarthritis  in west-african countries through the systematic guidelines for the best care and management of osteoarthritis.


Across the world, Osteoarthritis is usually managed in primary care, and delivery of quality osteoarthritis care is highly variable. Self-management of long-term illnesses and support for self-management are emphasised in clinical guidelines, but patients say they need help from primary care to achieve self-management. Using research by Keele University and methods piloted in the UK, JIGSAW-A implements a model of supported self-management for osteoarthritis – joint pain that typically affects those 45 and older and limits their everyday activities.


JIGSAW-A works through an international community of practice, bringing together academics, primary-care health professionals, industry partners and citizens in shaping local solutions to implementation challenges. The team is founded on academic leadership, dedicated projects management, a committed network of clinical champions, and patients champions with lived experience of osteoarthritis.


JIGSAW-A helps the systematic implementation of international guidelines and quality standards for osteoarthritis across West-African countries. The goal is to monitor and ensure consistent care for osteoarthritis, the most common chronic joint pain condition, and to help patients understand and self-manage their ailment.



This project of empowering patients is so important for WAFERs to do. It’s also a way to:

  • “Bring Care Home” because it enebles patients to manage their own care with the support from our healthcare professionals.
  • “Transforming Healthcare” because it improves management of chronic conditions, a challenging Healthcare problem.